Nearly 200 K-5 educators across the state working to obtain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to address student reading needs

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Spring 22 FoR Kick-Off

Nearly 200 K-5 educators across the state working to obtain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to address student reading needs

We are thrilled to see the outpouring of support for the Foundations of Reading Instruction & Intervention training series designed for K-5 educators around the Five Big Areas of Reading and the Science of Reading in the key areas of Instruction, Assessment, and Intervention. To see the need and support for this training content grow is incredible and we're proud of the success of the hybrid model to allow reach from East to West. In each of the four locations, we have Regional Education Association staff onsite and trained facilitators while the main presenter, Shannon Harken, beams in to reach everyone in a live setting!

2022-2023 Dates are Scheduled - Mark your calendars!

Bismarck, Jamestown, Minot, and Williston all had an in-person training opportunity that allowed for more than just virtual training to receive information. Throughout the course of the day, participants not only had the ability to obtain great content from a top-notch presenter, but they could engage in table discussions, networking, and hands-on practice of the content being delivered.

This was a great training and I have added many tools to my toolbox (Instructional Coach – Mandan – Fort Lincoln Elementary)

This was excellent!  I highly recommend this training, especially to beginning teachers.  (Elementary Teacher – Barnes County North Public School)

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I was engaged and motivated to be better for each individual student.  (Elementary Teacher – Griggs County Central Public School)

This is day one of three in the training series with the next two sessions scheduled for March 7 and April 4 with time for work and reflection in between. "Following each day in the 3-day Foundations of Reading series, the power of knowledge within the essential components of reading, walking through instruction, assessment, and intervention as well as learning how to use the data to guide all of the science of reading components is evident as the participants analyze each of their own school's programs and adjust to meet North Dakota's goal 'to help every child become a successful reader by the end of 3rd grade'," stated Colette Cunningham - CREA Professional Development Specialist & Foundations of Reading Facilitator

Foundations of Reading pg2An impressive 81% (157 of the 191) total participants completed the survey and showed a very positive response:

  • Prior to the training slightly over half (51.0%) of respondents indicated that they were either “mostly understanding” or had a “strong understanding.”  After the training, this increased to 97.5%, with over half (52.2%) indicating having a “strong understanding.” 
  • Looking at training participants’ level of comfort in their ability to apply instructional routines for each of the 5 big areas of reading, prior to the training only one of the 5 big areas of reading had over 70% reporting being “Very comfortable” or “Comfortable” (see graph below).  After the training all 5 big areas of reading increased to over 70%, with three being above 90% (Phonemic Awareness; Phonics; Fluency).  
  • 94.2% of respondents indicated the presenter was “very effective” (54.8%) or “effective” (39.4%). 
  • 94.2% of participants indicated the content presented was either “very valuable” (57.4%) or “valuable” (36.8%) to them in their position/role. 
  • Nearly 90% of respondents indicated at least “moderate” increases in their knowledge (89.7%) and skills (86.4%), with 41.9% and 29.0% reporting “substantial” increases, respectively.
  • 96.1% of participants indicated that they would be able to apply what they learned to a least “a moderate extent”, with 48.4% indicating “to a great extent”. 
  • 97.4% indicated that what they learned would have at least a “moderate” impact on those they serve, with 60.6% indicating it would have a “substantial” impact on them.


Contact or visit the Foundations of Reading webpage here!


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Nearly 200 K-5 educators across the state working to obtain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to address student reading needs

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