21-22 Developing Pathways for Academics Kick-off with 17 teams, 137 educators!

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Developing Pathways for Academics Kicks of 21-22 Cohort with 17 school teams, 137 individual educators!

Throughout the Developing Pathways for Academics professional learning teams will utilize the NDMTSS Essential Components to solve problems at the school, classroom, and student level. Emphasis will be given to translating current educational research into practice to help schools maximize resources and outcomes for all students, including those with disabilities. Examples of data systems for universal screening and progress monitoring will be identified, as well as specific interventions and curricula to address problems at a systems level. 
The 21-22 cohort held its first session on November 18 focused around NDMTSS and why it matters; a system approach to MTSS; trendlines; and new student protocols. Below are the school teams in this year's cohort:
  • Belcourt - Ojibwa Indian School
  • Belfield Public School
  • Carrington High School
  • Dickinson Public Schools - Elementaries
  • Dunseith Day School
  • Fairmount Public School
  • Garrison Public School
  • Glen Ullin Public School
  • Grenora Public School
  • Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock Public School
  • Kenmare Public School
  • Lidgerwood Public School
  • Minnewaukan Public School
  • New Rockford-Sheyenne Public School
  • Pingree-Buchanan Public School
  • White Shield Public School
  • Williston - Bakken Elementary School

Hear what participants had to say after just one session of the series that spans from November to April with six, half-day virtual sessions with Wayne Callender along with two Coaching Calls!

"I found the information to be extremely beneficial and look forward to future conversations on the matter, along with how we can get our MTSS pathways to become more efficient."  (Administrator – Carrington High School)

"Training was very informational. Much of the content was exactly what we need in our school for school improvement and student achievement."  (Special Ed. Teacher – White Shield Elementary School)

"It had great information that can be used towards supporting our students!"  (Teacher – Minnewaukan Elementary School)

"MTSS has been around for a few years now but it's always valuable to keep up with the trends and gain more knowledge. Thank you for allowing me to participate!"

Additional data from the feedback survey shows that of those responding (66 individuals):

  • 95.5% now have a general understanding of the MTSS framework.
  • 92.4% said they'd be able to provide a rationale for the NTMSS process to their building/district after the session.
  • 86.4% agreed that they now have enough information to begin drafting their school's trendline.
  • 92.3% stated that the information presented in the session was either "very valuable" (30.8%) or "valuable" (61.5%) to them in their position/role.
  • 81.5% indicated at least a "moderate" increase in their knowledge 75.4% in their skills as a result of the session, with 21.5% and 15.4% reporting “substantial” increases, respectively.
  • 87.7% felt they would be able to apply what they learned to at least a moderate extent, with 1/3 indicating to a great extent.
  • 87.7% felt that what they learned would have either a "substantial" (43.1%) or "moderate" (44.6%) impact on their students.

Looking ahead... 

Dec. 16 will bring the teams back together for their second virtual session focused on: Systems Planning (placement pathways); Dealing with Logistics (configurations, scheduling, grouping, personnel); additional system planning ideas; and an NDMTSS Implementation Checklist.

Moving into the New Year teams will have both a Coaching Call and their third virtual session in January, virtual session number four in February, another coaching call and session five in March, and the final virtual session in April! Stay tuned as we'll provide updates down the road so you can see what these teams are learning, creating, and sharing!

Click here for a DRAFT Road Map explaining what these teams will go through in each session along with tasks to complete between sessions.

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