NDMTSS Developing Schoolwide Behavior Expectations (PBIS Year 1) Trainings are back and better than ever!!

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NDMTSS Developing Schoolwide Behavior Expectations (PBIS Year 1) Training is back and better than ever!

The NDMTSS State Team is excited to announce that we are resuming Developing Schoolwide Behavior Expectations - PBIS Year 1 training and support for our ND schools in 2021-22! This training focuses on establishing clear Tier 1 behavioral expectations within an MTSS/Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) framework. Evidence supports this approach as beneficial for students and staff alike and relies on clear and consistent instruction, modeling, and coaching of behavior expectations to promote pro-social competencies in our students and effective learning environments in our schools!

We are excited to also announce that our colleagues at the University of South Florida have also redesigned and enhanced the Tier 1 training to include:

  1. New Training Curriculum Enhancements: new recommendations for integrating mental health, school climate, and culturally responsive practice into your universal system of behavior support including:
    • Trauma Informed Practices
    • Integration of SEL into Tier 1
    • Restorative Practices
  2. New Resources: support positive outcomes for all students to your school’s PBIS system:
    • Action Plan has been updated for more guidance, but still has the same availability for you to personalize your plan as well.
    • Introduction to Early Warning System (EWS) for how to respond to student needs both socially and academically.
  3. Additional NDMTSS Supports:
    1. Don Kincaid, USF/PBIS will facilitate all sessions.
    2. To minimize cost/travel/disruptions we will be offering supports virtually
    3. New NDMTSS Behavior Coordinator/Coach – Brandie Ulland is here schools get signed up or back on track! Brandie.Ulland@k12.nd.us

Check out the full flyer or visit the webpage for additional information and complete the MOU and return to Brandie to get your school signed up! Let us know how we can help and reach out with any questions!


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