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January ND SEL Network Summit 
On Tuesday, Jan. 26, ND Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Network members [comprised of 14 K-12 districts (serving 43,000 students collectively), 3 higher education institutions, and a community partner in the ND Afterschool Network] are invited to attend the first of two semi-annual Summits held by the Network each year.
This day provides the time and space for members to:
  • Share updates
  • Engage in inter- and cross-district networking
  • Preview the ND SEL Network endorsed evaluation plan framework - including ND's SEL Theory of Change
  • Participate in peer-to-peer consultancy
  • See a preview of the Network website and interactive map in its early phases of development
Members electively enroll in the SEL Network, an established community of practice (CoP) for teams of ND educators. This collaborative, ongoing space assists ND school/organization representatives in sharing experiences, celebrating successes, and problem-solving perceived barriers related to the systemic implementation of SEL.
Its annual membership of $750 provides a variety of benefits listed below.
Resources Review [Research & Explore]
  • Quarterly selection and review of resources supporting evidence-based, best practices related to SEL implementation.

Coaching Calls [Engage & Advance]

  • Quarterly, district/school-specific coaching to advance local goals.

Summits [Connect & Inspire]

  • Semi-annual collaborations for ND educators focused on SEL-targeted local innovations
If you are interested, the Network accepts membership applications year-round and you can complete one by clicking below. OR, if you have questions and want to speak to someone directly about how to get involved and what it could mean for your district, please reach out to lyndsi.engstrom@k12.nd.us or keely.ihry@k12.nd.us.
Submit your membership form today!

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