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NDMTSS - Behavior

PBIS refers to Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support, which encompasses “a range of research-based strategies used to increase the quality of life and decrease problem behavior by teaching new skills and making changes in a person's environment” (APBS, 2014). 

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support combines; valued outcomes, behavioral and biomedical science, validated procedures, and systems change to enhance the quality of life and reduce problem behaviors 

Developing Schoolwide Behavior Expectations - Tier 1

PBIS Tier 1 Problem-Solving

Schools will plan for the identification and teaching of school-wide expectations of behavior. Develop plans for active supervision, problem behavior identification, classroom management, data collection, and data systems. Upon completion, schools will have identified gaps in current practice and have an action plan for steps to improve practice in their building.

Tier 3 Supports

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  1. PTR Foundations Learning Series
    • PTR Foundations
    • Virtual Boosters
    • Modeling

  2. TATE: Technical Adequacy Tool for Evaluation

  3. Behavior Interventions to Support all Tiers

PBIS: Supplemental Support System Training – Tier 2

Training is in a redesign phase, but typically would cover the critical features to support supplemental interventions (tier 2) within a multi-tiered system, data review, and barrier busting.  

Tier 2 supports build on the lessons proved at Tier 1 and, may prevent the need for more intensive interventions.  Tier 2 supports are provided to small groups or students with similar needs, offering more time and/or detailed instructions on the core curriculum. 

Recent News and Events

NDMTSS Training Participation 2020-21 + Year to Date

Take a peek at the reach of NDMTSS Training and support across the state.
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NDMTSS Developing Schoolwide Behavior Expectations (PBIS Year 1) Trainings are back and better than ever!!

The NDMTSS State Team is excited to announce that we are resuming Developing Schoolwide Behavior Expectations - PBIS Year 1 trainings and support for our ND schools in 2021-22! This training focuses on establishing clear Tier 1 behavioral expectations within a MTSS/Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) framework.
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Behavior Interventions to Support All Tiers - Enhancing FBAs/BIPs

In a strong multi-tiered system of supports, we are looking to support children at all levels and abilities when it comes to their academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs. When a student’s behavior is getting in the way of success in other areas of their education school personnel can bring a team of professionals together (school counselor, school psychologist, teachers, administrators) to collaborate and determine what the best next steps are to help get students back on the road to success.
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NDMTSS Capacity Building, Evaluation and SPDG Grant Submission

Regional Support Liaisons delivering direct support to schools; Evaluation study begins; State Personnel Grant submitted focused on Specially Designed Instruction
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