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Tier 3 Supports


PTR Foundations Learning Series

PTR Foundations Course (Implementation Training)

Understand how to APPLY the PTR process to:

  • REDUCE serious challenging behaviors
  • INCREASE desired behaviors

Ideal for lead teachers, behavior strategists, special education staff, and also may serve as a reinforcement learning opportunity for educators who have previously been introduced to PTR.

Virtual Boosters (Implementation Support)

Examine local case studies (4, 2-hour sessions)

  • Goal Setting
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) & Hypothesis
  • Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) & Coaching
  • Coaching & Progress Monitoring

Modeling (Implementation Support)

  • Observe a Skilled Facilitator Coach, local school personnel, through the process

Behavior Interventions to Support all Tiers

Behavior Interventions to Support All Tiers

This course is ideal for educators who are responsible for implementing FBA/BIPs, lead teachers, special educators, and educators who provide behavioral consultation to teachers. ANALYZE behavior supports. IMPROVE FBA/BIP practice.

4-session Virtual Series (1.5 hour sessions)

  • Good Behavior Game
  • Opportunities to Respond
  • Self-Monitoring
  • Check In Check Out

TATE Virtual Series

TATE: Technical Adequacy Tool for Evaluation

This series is intended for educators who are responsible for implementing FBA/BIPs or who are supervising educators who implement FBA/BIPs.

MEASURE quality of completed FBA/BIPs
IDENTIFY specific areas for FBA/BIP improvement

Virtual Series (2 Total Sessions | 1 Recorded & 1 Live)

  • 2-Hour Online Recorded Content Review
  • Live Virtual Session

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