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PBIS: Supplemental Support System Training – Tier 2

Course Description

Training is currently in a redesign phase but typically would cover the critical feature to support supplemental interventions (Tier 2) within a multi-tiered system, data review, and barrier-busting.

Tier 2 supports build on the lessons proved at Tier 1 and, may prevent the need for more intensive interventions. Tier 2 supports are provided to small groups of students with similar needs, offering more time and/or detailed instructions on the core curriculum.

Training would be available to schools that have reached a BoQ (Benchmark of Quality) score of 75 =- 75%.

Who will Participate? (5-10 members/team): Team members from each building or district should consist of some of the following individuals:

  • District administrators (Special Education Director, Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent, PD/Curriculum Coordinator)
  • Building administrator (1 required per team)
  • General education content area teachers (Grades K-6: elementary; or 6-12: secondary)
  • Special education teachers
  • Behavior specialists
  • Instructional coaches

Building administrators will invite team members based on their roles, expertise, leadership abilities, and authority to make school and district decisions (budgeting, schedules, course offerings, PD).

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