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Developing Schoolwide Behavior Expectations - Tier 1

Course Description

PBIS Tier 1 Problem-Solving

Schools will plan for the identification and teaching of school-wide expectations of behavior. Develop plans for active supervision, problem behavior identification, classroom management, data collection, and data systems. Upon completion, schools will have identified gaps in current practice and have an action plan for steps to improve practice in their building.


  1. Understand Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) implementation within a multi-tiered system of support.
  2. Have a global understanding of the core principles of PBIS.
  3. Understand and identify the 10 critical elements of Tier 1 including developing school-wide expectations and recognizing student success.
  4. Develop a draft Action Plan for Tier 1 implementation.

Using the Benchmarks of Quality (BOQ) schools use data to establish an action plan for implementation and identify when they are ready for PBIS - Tier 2 training.

PBIS Framework

PBIS is not a solitary program - it is the integration of many effective strategies and programs that create a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) for behavior. With an overarching emphasis on using data to determine the effectiveness of its techniques, PBIS reflects the application of explicit values and evidence-based practices to build an MTSS that is practical, doable, and available to all.

Who will Participate? (5-10 members/team): Team membership from each building or district should consist of some of the following individuals:

  • District administrators (special education/unit, superintendent or assistant superintendent, professional development/curriculum coordinator)
  • Building principal (1 required per team to attend all sessions)
  • General education content area teachers (Grades K-6: elementary; or 6-12: secondary)
  • Special education teachers and/or unit directors (1 required per team)
  • Behavior specialists
  • Instructional coaches

Building administrators will invite team members based on their roles, expertise, leadership abilities and authority to make school and district decisions (budgeting, schedules, course offerings, PD).

Optional Credit Available

Two (2) continuing education credits will be available through Valley City State University for those who attend all sessions and meet requirements. The cost of the credit is the responsibility of the participant.


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