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Developing Pathways for Academics - Year 1

This training, intended for a leadership team, is designed to utilize the NDMTSS Essential Components to solve problems at the school, classroom, and student level.  Emphasis will be given to translating current educational research into practice to help schools maximize resources and outcomes for all students, including those with disabilities.  Examples of data systems for universal screening and progress monitoring will be identified, as well as specific interventions and curricula to address problems at a systems level. 

Evaluating Your System - Year 2

This training, intended for the school leadership team, will focus on innovation of the NDMTSS model with an emphasis on data collection and disaggregation, data-driven decision making, problem-solving for student, classroom, and systems level.

Monitoring practices will be developed to determine if the system is having a positive impact on student learning with a strong focus on fidelity and outcome data.  Opportunities for collaboration and to observe MMTSS in action with the cohort will be organized.

Data Review - Year 3

Pre-requisite: must complete Developing Pathways for Academics & Evaluating Your Systems

This training is intended for MTSS teams who have established their reading and/or math academic pathways, and are implementing the MTSS processes at the district/school level. Teams look closely at their most current Benchmark data to determine the overall effectiveness of their MTSS process. Teams will come prepared with access to individual student Fall Benchmark scores, academic pathways, and most importantly thoughts and questions surrounding MTSS that they would like clarity on to enhance their overall processes.

Building Your System

This training, intended for school or district leadership teams, will assist schools in determining their desired state of providing high-quality instruction and interventions matched to student needs while monitoring progress frequently to make decisions about changes in instruction and/or goals. The training will empower teams to build an action plan to determine the resources and supports necessary to ensure every student is provided the opportunity to succeed.

Intensifying Instruction

For Classroom Teachers and Instructional Coaches who understand the need to match instruction to student need and are willing to revise their instructional approach to ensure that it happens.

This training will provide educators with evidence-based instructional designs to accelerate students’ rate of learning. These can be applied at the universal (Tier 1), strategic (Tier 2), and intensive (Tier 3) levels of instruction. 


Barrier Busting: Implementation Structured Support

One of the greatest barriers with NDMTSS implementation is time for leadership team problem solving and action planning. The purpose of this session is to provide leadership teams the time to:

  • Revisit the work schools have been engaging in,
  • Assess current reality and identify obstacles for improvement, and
  • Receive assistance with next steps from consultants and other schools.


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